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SPS882 Position error

Question asked by Guest on Aug 17, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2020 by Filip Slavnic
I'm having a issue with my SPS882 receivers (I have 2 of them with the same issue).
The problem occurs in Trimble Access (2016) & SCS900 (v2.91) & SCS900 (v 3+).
I can shoot a point, select that point as stakeout and it shows that i am on the point.
I move away from the point and stake back to it but this time face 180° in the opposite direction as when I shot it and it shows me to be between 0.20' to 0.40' off the point.
If I turn back around and face the direction as when I shot the point it will be back within 0.02' to 0.05'.
It does this in both programs and using 2 different SPS882 receivers.
I am using a VRS setup with that our local municipality operates which is also a CORS station.
I have a SPS985 receiver and this issue doesn't occur.