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Serial Data Output from Trimble Access to USB (SX10 + TSC7)

Discussion created by Nicholas Wright on Aug 18, 2020
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I'm trying to output real-time tracking data from the SX10 over a serial port for access on another computer. It seems that this functionality is built into Access, but I cannot get any data to show up in TeraTerm on the other computer no matter what settings I try. I'm using an SX10 with a TSC7 controller.


My Access data output settings are:

  • Streamed data: continuous
  • Streamed format: "GDM HA VA SD"
  • Controller port: COM1 External Serial Port (COM1)
  • Data settings I have varied and none of them work but are matched in TeraTerm


I have tried both the TSC7 DB9 serial port and the SX10 COM port connections, both terminating in USB.


My question is, which piece of hardware will the output data be streaming from, the TSC7 or SX10, and what kind of connection cable will I need, i.e. will it need a serial UART to USB converter built-in?


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