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Export Surface Bug!!

Question asked by Francisco Guerrero on Aug 19, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2020 by Francisco Guerrero

We had a brief meeting today with the engineer firm that made the plans we are using for one of our project.  I have exported a XML to them my existing ground surface created from my processed feature codes points and line ( this was about 2 months ago). There has been times where my break lines would get removed from my surface so I ended up changing my surface setting to rebuild by User.  My surface display would show correct with all my breaklines.  There is a warning on my existing surface in the project explorer telling me to rebuild since there has been changes.  So not to rebuild my surface again knowing that the surface is correct I left the surface with the rebuild warning.  


Today we meet and they show me that where their survey's shot a ditch our surface I sent over does not show a ditch.  I show them my project and my existing shows a ditch.  So I export my surface and import into a clean project.  Well, low and behold my surface has no ditches.   I got to thinking that my export surface somehow was exported with the rebuilt surface and not my current surface on my screen.  Is this a bug  and if indeed it is, can we get this fixed.

attached is the image of the surface as it should look and has pending rebuild.  below that image is the image of the surface imported into a clean project as a XML