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Are SCS900 Generated DC/CAL Files Compatible With Trimble Access?

Question asked by Marshall Cant on Aug 23, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2020 by Marshall Cant

First, I am a full newb Trimble Access user {insert nasty Trimble Access file handling comments here }


We have a site calibration done in SCS900 but will be using Trimble Access on the same job to get the full benefits from a Trimble VX total station. I just searched the entire 598 page Trimble Access General Survey User Guide and while I found lots of "DC" file mentions nothing about compatibility with SCS900. Nothing about CAL files at all. I will be using Access on a TSC3 so I believe it is Ver 17.24 (or thereabouts).


(Note: SCS900 will run the VX but only as a basic robotic with no scanning, point clouds etc).


Has anyone done a "Best Practices" for combining use of SCS900 with Access? I know Trimble hates any of us that try to use both "Construction" and Geospatial" gear and software together but surely someone has done it in spite of the roadblocks ?!


Any and all advice/help gratefully accepted.