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Errors when exporthing to DXF/DWG autodrafted data

Question asked by Pawel Hasiuk on Aug 26, 2020
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I am running TBC 5.30 at the moment and I have a problem with exportting the data to dxf/dwg.


Here it is what I have done:

1. Imported the survey data to project and used Process freature codes to draw most of the linework with option 'allow editing processed linework' ticked for cleaning data and finilising the drawing.

2. I processed everything as required, created the dynaviews, plots and printed that to PDFs - no problem. 

3. When I try to export the data to DXF/DWG(as a last step of deliverables) when I export the data, linework comes back to unprocessed stage (see the screenshots below and after) and the dxf does not contain that linework at all.


Any ideas??


Screenshots attached.