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Uncompacted surface with modifed existing surface?

Question asked by Vaidas Markevicius on Aug 27, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2020 by Alan Sharp

Hi ,

I have a question about uncompacted surface ( for PCS 900) for reconstruction existing old road pavement.

New road design parameters:

1. Asphalt finish layer (h= 3cm):

2. Second asphalt layer ( min h= 5cm,)

3. Milling max deph h=2cm   with design cross slopes 2.5%  - 2,5%.

4. I have cut fill map of areas where I have to mill max 2cm, and fill areas  from 0cm till 8cm to fill with additional asphalt mix.


After milling I want to pave at once a layer, which is min 5cm till 12 cm, so at different areas will compact uneven.

But I can design uncompacted surface with 20% compactor factor. The problem is, that I need to create new existing ground surface after milling, witch is 40% of area are milled and 60% still same surface as before.  Below is example, where I need to create a new existing ground surface with 40% milled factors.


Is where any path to create that surface? ( TBC 5.21)




Thanks for advises