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TBC freezes on importing invalid scans

Question asked by Nico Louagie on Aug 28, 2020

I have a project with 16 scans. I have exported them from the controller, but did this unattended (with teamviewer, it took almost an hour...)

I tried to open the project in TBC, just by dragging the job onto a newly opened job in TBC. TBC froze, and it even made my computer freeze. I had to make a hard reboot. I've tried it several times, but always the same result.


After a long look, it seemed that 3 scans were not completely transfered to my computer (size of the scan on the controller wasn't the same as on my computer). So, I transfered them again, checked them and then the project would succesfully open in TBC. 


Shouldn't TBC handle this with an error and continue with the complete scans?


specs: TBC 5.30, win10 (latest update), enough hardware with up-to-date drivers