Ross McAtamney

POINT CLOUDS: Keep selection subset when adding to regions

Discussion created by Ross McAtamney on Aug 31, 2020

When using the keep in and keep out options in point cloud processing to create a subset of the data, can TBC keep the subset if part of the data has been shifted to a new region and there are still points remaining in the subset that haven't been shifted?


Or in other words, don't automatically restore all when shifting part of a dateset to a new region. It would be good if there are points remaining in a subset after part of the selection set has been shifted to a new region, they were keep as a selection set to continue working from so some of that data can be shifted to a different region. Once happy the restore/restore all buttons can be used to restore all the data to view. Of course in a case where there are no points remaining in the view set after shifting the data...which sometimes happens...THEN you would automatically return all the points to screen.


Working case is if there is a fence (to be put on a building layer), some people against it (to be put on the default layer) and trees where the create region tool has been run and grouped them all together in the high vegetation layer.

Currently you need to use the keep in and keep out tools to show a subset of the data, however if you put the people on the default layer all the points need to then go back and create the subset again to cut the building out of the vegetation to put it on the layer.


This would allow a lot more flexibility and save time when trying to tidy up regions where there is data all together.