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view priority and order don't work properly in Plan view, Sheet View, PDF

Question asked by Ronny Schneider on Sep 2, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2020 by Ronny Schneider

V5.31 + V5.32 and I had my issues with that before. See here How to manipulate the display sequence of CAD elements and in addition to the recent question How do you control display order? 


A colleague of mine is just preparing the sheet sets for our starting construction site and the overview sheet looks crappy since there doesn't seem to be a way to send items to the fore- or background.


Even though I set the priority for the number 3 in the screen shot to background the line work, which is set to normal, is drawn behind it. Only some texts are drawn in front of the 3.


If I set the number 3 to Foreground then those few texts are drawn behind it.

For some reason the priority setting has no effect on the line work, nor has the layer name order.

The help states "Display priority - Set the stack order for layers that overlap by selecting Foreground, Normal, or Background. When two layers have the same stack order, their visibility is sorted by the layer color order from the color list." The text and line work are on different layers but I have tested different colors as well, to no avail.


The priority setting also has no influence on the Sheet View.


PDF print looks different to sheet view.


Text layer is set to Foreground now, Sheet View looks ok.


TBC print as PDF


TBC at least seems to try to have the text in front of the line work. But it seems that it is cutting the line work wherever it crosses a text, which leads to crappy results as well.




Microsoft PDF Printer

 Text is all behind line work




This needs to be addressed. Right now it's a gamble in which order the line work ends up in the deliverable.