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Is there any way to edit the color of the polylines you create in Trimble Access?

Question asked by Jacob Larson on Sep 7, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2020 by Luke Johnson
I create a lot of polylines in the field on Trimble Access to connect many of the calc points I get from the office. Some of the lines I use for staking and some just for a visual aid. 
On a busy construction project I might create polylines and lines for things like the site boundary, bldg corners, watermain, storm and sanitary runs, construction easements, clearing limits and many more. 
The problem is that I end up having a ton of plain black lines all over my map making it a little difficult to decipher what is what as the project grows. 
I am aware that I can turn some of them off, but it would be much more visually helpful if I could use different colors for different polylines, maybe even different line type as well. It would even be great to be able to easily edit those options after you’ve created them. For example; highlight on map > review > edit a few things > save and done.