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Label Tables, hatching, turning templates and utility design

Question asked by Chris Whelan on Sep 8, 2020
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Just a few follow up questions from the the power user group in Melb end of last year. Has/is there been/going to be any advancement on the following within TBC;

  1. Label Lines/Tables - It would be good to label a line, particularly horizontal alignments, which includes both straights and curves, with specific fields such as chainages (stations) and coordinates, as well as the standard radius, RL, azimuth etc. In particular the chainage and coordinates for different chainages along an alignment. This is beneficial and a requirement of most of the plan sets. (see attached table as example).  
  2. Hatching - Are there more patterns available such as rock/gravel/crushed rock as examples?  
  3. Turning Templates - I also have a requirement to ensure turning templates suit the design for various vehicles, particularly trucks. Is there any development with this? I have to export to another program to check, then either make changes and reexport, or import the information back into the TBC file for the plan set. Very time consuming. 
  4. Utility design - Hydro - Is there going to be further development with the utility module?? that will allow further design aspects of drainage lines (HGL etc) and to produce plans (see attached drainage section) for the field? 


I have only been using TBC for 18 months and have seen a vast improvement during this time. I really don't want to use, learn and pay for another product if possible, but do at the moment for turning templates and drainage.