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How to share Positions Project specifics between users

Question asked by Fred Limp on Sep 12, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2020 by eric bock
We are teaching a GNSS class this semester under the C19 restrictions. All the students are on-line and, as a result, they are unable to actually access the equipment. We are now covering post-processing using the TDC150. Our plan is to have the student complete the entire Positions "project creation process" following specific defined elements that we have previously used to acquire the field data and then we will give each student the data from the field (the  *tfout file) which they can post-process. To make the situation even more complicated they are doing this using the VMWare Horizon Client Virtual Device Infrastructure. We are using this approach so that remote students can run the software remotely.
Our question is this. If they create a project that is exactly like the one that we used to conduct the field work can they ingest the resulting *.tfout file that we will give them from the receiver? 
If a second user CANNOT create a project that would ingest data from a different user's Project what do we need to share with them? I would assume that we would share the geodatabase that was used but I'm unclear about the other positions elements. I know that there is an Access database created in the C\ProgramData\trimble\positions\10.1 folder. Is sharing this and the cfg necessary?
I see on page 18 of the Admin manual there is a discussion about importing a field configuration and copying them to a new database but the process is not clear. 
The craziness of the pandemic have made the situation so complicated. Any help is appreciated.