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How to IMPORT data to stakeout using penmap project manager?

Question asked by Tom Hughes on Sep 14, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by Patrik Stahlhut

I am looking at getting a penmap subscription and have downloaded the free version of the app, trimble connect (app)  and trimble Penmap project manager for windows just to see how things work. Obviously I can't log in on the penmap app but can see the new jobs created in project manager go onto the connect app just fine. I however cannot see anywhere where it gives an option to import CSV (or any format) or any way at all to import data onto the device using project manager to stakeout. Please could you be a little more clear on how exactly you IMPORT CSV data. This could be the reason I go with an alternative app (K-Mobile) for field data collection or opt to not purchase the catalyst at all.