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X7 Scans, 2 stations wont fit.

Question asked by Fredrik Bergstrom on Sep 13, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2020 by Fredrik Bergstrom

Hi all!


I really hope you can help me with this. 

I have a project were we are doing a lot of scannings with our X7. From the first day we have 120 scanstations and this weekend i was going to start working with them. 

After importing and putting all of them together i have 2 scans wick will fit to each other but not to the rest of the scans. Im am going crazy about this. It scan number 97 and 98 wich are messing all up and can someone tell me why? They are placed about 8cm away from the rest and it does not matter if i lock all other scans and keep the movable thay wont fit anyway. Can someone test it and tell me why?


Here is the scans.  Transfer - Dropbox 


For your information we are also using 2 scans from our SX10 to georeference this scans but they are not in this data set.