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JUNO T41/5 wont connect to SPS585 

Question asked by Dave Nelson on Sep 14, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2020 by Lasse Hanberg

I have a couple of JUNO T41/5 controllers that wont find SPS585 receivers

The JUNO's are running SCS900 V3.4.0 and am wondering if that is too old for SPS585 recognition ?

It will connect to an SPS985 without issue

Another JUNO T41 with SCS900 V3.5.2 will connect to a couple of SPS585 receivers without issue


This leads me to my next Q....  

The JUNO will cot connect to my PC so I can check for FW upgrades using TIM.

Windows Mobile Device Centre doesn't recognise that the JUNO is plugged into the PC USB port


I assume that tis is not normal ?


thanks for any insight, as I only work on JUNO's on rare occasions so am not wholly familiar with them