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corridor volumes based on surface needs improvement

Question asked by Ronny Schneider on Sep 16, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2020 by Alan Sharp

I've got a subgrade surface created from a finished level surface and site improvements applied.

I can do an overall quantities report with the earthworks surface to surface report, but the engineers want it like a corridor report.

Creating the corridor and adding the surface is not the problem. But Cut and Fill is only reported if Subgrade and existing surface create closed areas.

In special cases that is not the case and the report will miss those volumes.

I've already applied side slopes at the edges of the surface, but that only covers those areas. If there are "holes" in the surface if reported perpendicular to the alignment it can miss those volumes.



And even in areas that are closed it won't always compute the values. 1m ,it does, 1m further it doesn't, then maybe it does again.


It would be better if it wouldn't just look for closed areas, but use all those surface nodes to determine if it is above or below the initial surface.