Tyler Lindsay

Utility Module Enhancement Request (Snap to structure face)

Discussion created by Tyler Lindsay on Sep 16, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by Alan Sharp

It appears that TBC only supports utility lines snapping at the center of utility nodes. I'd be happy to hear if this is not the case. I understand that this functionality makes it simpler to create utility designs, and mimics the functionality of Civil3D and other utility design software. However, this limitation fails to consider the constructibility of the line (perpetuating the age-old battle between designer and builder). 


For example, see the following screenshot:


Because utility lines only connect to the center point of the structure, the 30-inch pipe at the top left enters the box through its corner (no good). (Additionally, the exported XML from Civil3D gets translated into the misaligned pink box, but that can be worked around). Unless I am mistaken, there is not a way to resolve this design issue within Trimble Business Center, without resorting to manual trench creation, which doesn't seem very futuristic.



- The option to snap pipe ends to specific faces of a rectangular box, rather than only the center.

- An error which occurs if a d=diameter pipe is attached to a <d width structure face.

- Allow for multiple pipes to snap to a single face at different elevations.

- It would also be useful to be able to connect multiple points at different horizontal entry points, but I can understand that this would be very complicated to implement.


I understand that this new functionality would not work correctly if exported back to other utility modeling software, but my main concern is being able to use Trimble Business Center to create good models for our Trimble-enabled machines.