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Feature Request - Selection Sets - Vertical design Containers

Question asked by Patrick L'heureux on Sep 20, 2020

Please consider adding vertical design containers to selections sets. These would consist of the following components that make up a vertical design:

  • Child Lines
  • Instructions
  • Surface ( if one is created)
  • Contours (if a surface is created)


This would automatically add and subtract the noted elements above to respective vertical design containers in the selection sets as a vertical design is modified. 


I think this would be extremely useful for both designers/creators and users trying to digest what is coming on in a TBC project, allowing the user to visual parts of various vertical designs. 


NOTE: If you have " create surface" you can see what surface and linework make up a vertical design but you do not have the instructions visible. This is useful but what I am asking takes this further because t allows the user to see what is be applied to create that surface. Adding the instructions would be a very manually process and truthfully, something that would probably be neglected in the heat of things. 





Thank your for the consideration!