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JOB file from TSC7 cannot export Design coordinates by Stakeout

Question asked by Evžen Hlavica on Sep 26, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by James McWha

I have a JOB file was create as a new file with GNSS template. After a open this project I import CSV file as a grid points (ID, East, North, Elevatin, Note). After working with this points by stakeout its I can export this job as TXT with all of columns included both these entered coordinates and these new stakeout coordinates. But after export (the Ascii file generator make the same) in TXT file are the new points with coordinates (the stakeouts point) without entered points. I donˇt know where is a problem because in Point manager are all of this points. Can you help me somebody? I can make it by hand but I don't know why did it happen. Thank you so much.