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any decent way to construct perpendicular to an inclined plane?

Question asked by Ronny Schneider on Oct 1, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2020 by Alan Sharp


I have to create models for precast box culverts. I've got the ILs for the inclined base slab top. I can create a plane surface and drape line work on that, no problem here. But the top of the culvert is a tricky. Since precast segments are square in themselves the top corners won't be located above the bottom corners if the base slab is inclined.


In Autocad I would just use a UCS and could work and offset perpendicular easily in any direction. Done in a few minutes. 

I've been playing around with cutting planes. But drafting in them is very tedious since all functions use some kind of world coordinates and you can't see or snap to linework the plane is cutting through. It takes quite some tinkering to get what you want at least once. But then you can't copy or move elements that have been drawn in the cutting plane to a different position in the 3D view. Very annoying.


I've also tried the Offset Slope macro, but it only uses a different elevation difference if I tick the checkbox, it won't actually shift the end points of the line.


Corridor only works vertical and I haven't got the tunneling license.


I really miss this nifty Sketchup snapping, extruding, cutting functionality here in TBC.


Or a sweep function, draw the 2D outline and extrude it along a path.


The future is IFC solid models. TBC definitely needs to be improved in that direction.