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Trimble R10-2 / VRS Now Aus – using fewer SVs than visible for fix

Question asked by Liam Curran on Oct 8, 2020

G’day all


We have the below equipment software combination/configuration, working in an area (inner Brisbane, Qld) where all nearby CORS Sites should be running GPS/GLO/GAL/BDS/QZSS (Alloy/NetR9/SPS855) and when the VRS solution changes from Autonomous to Differential/Fixed the SV count drops from about 44 to 18.


I would understand the over halving of SVs if some the CORS Sites were only compatible with GPS & GLO but this would appear not to be the case.


This subset SVs used for fix prevents the utilization of the Trimble Access v2020 feature - subset SV set A/B – because the SV count is halved yet again.


Moreover, when using all SVs available from VRS Now (17 odd), this very much diminishes the R10/12’s to perform in the harsh environments for they are legendary for.


Any suggestions for an improved SV count?



-R10 model 2 (FW 6.08)

-TSC7 (Access v2020.10)

-VRS Now Aus Mount Point: 20_TVN_CMR_X (similar results with 20_TVN_RTCM32, oddly RTCM3Net (MAC) seem not to be an option anymore).