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Unable to get correct orthometric heights on TDC150

Question asked by Sebastian Fischer on Oct 12, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2020 by Tom Harrison

I am experiencing a problem on my and all of my clients TDC150: I select EGM96 as the Geoid in the GNSS configuration screen in Trimble Mobile Manager, switch to the Status screen to check my measurements and notice that the Geoid switches from EGM96 to RTCM and uses some Geoid Information from the RTCM messages, which is not the Geoid correction that I need. This happens only on TDC150 in combination with GNSS corrections from APOS (Austrian Positioning Service). I get correct orthometric heights when I use the TDC150 with GNSS correction from our company's own GNSS base station, but I also get correct orthometric heights when I use my Android phone with the Catalyst antenna and GNSS correction from either APOS or our own base (same settings in GNSS configuration in all cases). 


Our local Trimble Support can't seem to help with this problem so I am hoping to get some answers here!