Trimble Connect;  Issues with Upload/Download speed

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I am a Project Manager for Psomas in the Auburn, California office.  I attended Party Chief meeting this morning and much of the discussion of "issues..." our Party Chiefs are contending with is the "speed and/or file size" capacity of Connect;  Example:  From the time a large file is posted to their Connect folder, it can literally take 'days' before the information fully uploads and is accessible on their data collectors. Also, we use a lot of PDF files as working Exhibits and to make hard copy working plots from.  These also seem to really slow down the ability of PM and office staff to upload information the crews need in "Real Time" in the field.  This has become enough of an issue for our Auburn field crews that they are asking us (Project Managers), to look at other options, i.e., laptops and "MyFi's".   They see this setup being used by other crews much more successfully that our current Trimble Connect folder arrangement.  Greatly appreciate if you can put me in touch with appropriate Technical Staff to help me evaluate if there is anything we can do to improve the connectivity/speed for our field crews.  Thank You!     Lester E. Carter Jr., PLS, PM-II, PSOMAS, Cell: 805-503-3632

Trimble Connect;  Issues with Upload/Download speed