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can you merge multiple surfaces at a time?

Question asked by john west on Oct 15, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2020 by Alan Sharp

is there a way of merging multiple surfaces at a time?


example-  i have my finished grade surface and then multiple trench surfaces/corridor surfaces and some side slope surfaces for machine control.  i always merge my utility surfaces to finished grade/subgrade for excavators so they have it if they need it during construction.  this particular design needed alot of attention for utilities.  im aware that i could create the trench surfaces and spend time breaking and connecting the trench lines to have an accurate model and then merge the finished trench surface to finished grade but creating quick side slope designs and vertical designs and merging is faster in my eyes.  is there a way to have one surface as a say priority 2 category surface and multiple separate surfaces as a priority 1 category to overwrite the other?