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Baseline Processing Precision

Question asked by Andreas Brooks on Oct 21, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2020 by Robert Hoy

Hello, I am very new to using Trimble surveying equipment. I surveyed river cross-sections for a project that we are working on. When I try to process the baselines I get very poor precision (1.4 m - 4.5 m). 


My workflow is as follows:

Import survey into TBC

Download base station site data for the closest site

process baselines by selecting all the lines except the one control point I surveyed.


Additional info:

GNSS unit - Trimble R4.

One control point surveyed, but I haven't done anything with the point or specified the coordinates.

The calculation method when processing baselines comes back as type 'float', from what I was able to work out this should be 'fixed'?


Thank you