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ToDo eksport to BCF

Question asked by Janis Dzenis on Oct 29, 2020

Description: We use Trimble connect ToDo for design review meetings. In the end, we need to print and sign a document about the decisions we have made. I have two options for how to prepare this document:

1. Export ToDo to excel, but there is not included pictures and comments so I cant use this option

2. Export ToDo to bcfzip and then convert to excel or pdf, but then ToDo number is missing (this is not good, but I can handle it) and I can export only those ToDo, which I have created myself. I tried this in multiple projects and the result is the same. If I have a project with 80 ToDo and I am author of 35, then in exported bcfzip file I will have only those 35 ToDo.

Question: Why I can export all ToDo to excel, but to bcfzip I can export only those ToDos, which I have created myself?