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WorksManager-TCC Workflow

Question asked by Karen Anne De Guzman on Nov 2, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2020 by Matthew Pitt

We're starting to slowly build our upcoming new jobs in Works Manager and has already came across some hurdles. I'm wondering if anybody else are having these issues and how to prevent them.


First, there is no spot for a site map/project map on Works Manager in TBC. Either had to do it in Job Site Manager or manually upload a .dxf file on the browser. 




Second, I know that the idea of Works Manager is to use .vcl as the main file format for both Siteworks and Earthworks. But with everything tied into TCC right now, this file format is broken down unto the original files (dxf, ttm, etc.). This process is causing a conflict onto data manager. 



Lastly, the Earthwork system on our machines seems to have issues reading the .vcl file (for example missing lineworks, cut off surface model, etc). To prevent this, we end up re-publishing the design to create a .dsz file and never have issues then. 


Hoping to get some ideas from everyone, especially the Works Manager users.