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Editing a Form Under a Task in Connect

Question asked by Zach Edwards on Nov 2, 2020

Am i am missing something here? I thought you could edit a form/feature within a task on connect. I am seeing that it only can be edited by a user on the field device. We have a customer wanting to edit many forms that are within a task in the office, as it's easier for their workflow. They need to be able to edit/update both in the field and office within a task. We have tried closing the task, completing the task, etc. None of this things seem to resolve the Issue. We have toggled enable field update behavior in the template, as well as toggled the Geometry must be captured. Nothing seems to be working but I am thinking that I am missing something because there should be no reason why a user cannot edit a feature in a task in the office. Especially, if that task as been closed.