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Comparaison between TCD and Tekla BIMSight Clash Detective

Discussion created by Olivier Pellegrin on Nov 3, 2020
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Trimble has replaced the very useful Tekla BimSight by the also very useful Trimble Connect Desktop.


There are plenty of features that are working really great on TCD but the clash detective is not one of them. It is a critical point because the service consisting of highlighting interferences between objects have been provided by any BIM workflow for many years and today it is in danger!


I want here to point out the issues I found in the Trimble Connect Desktop's Clash Detective:

- Not possible to give colors or assign tags or hide clashes by right clicking them, so we can sort the list of clashes later

- Not possible to create a rule where we could clash a group of models with another group of models, ignoring clashes between models of the same group.

- If we decide to ignore (hide) some clashes in a first clash detection, theses clashes will appear again if we run a new clash detection with updated models. So all the work of filtering pertinent clashes and ignoring non pertinent ones will have to be started over.

- Some unexpected errors happen regularly (see image attached) so we are forced to delete the rule and create a new one.


In conclusion, this TCD clash detective is still way below the one in Tekla BimSight in terms of performance and functionalities. We just can not use it in our every day work.


Please fellow BIM users, share your own experience of this topic here.

Please Trimble, is there any plan to improve this tool in the near future?


Thank you