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Trimble Trident 7.3.2. hardware utilization

Question asked by Lovro Klaric on Nov 5, 2020



We're using Trimble MX8 MMS and Trimble Trident 7.3.2. for data processing.


I'm planning to buy a new workstation and I would like to know how does the Trident utilize hardware. Can it utilize dual processor workstation? Is there a RAM limit?


Currently I'm using a single processor with 4 cores and it utilizes all cores at 50-60% at full clock speed. I have 64GB RAM and it utilizes about 50-80% of it (for example when using RGB Laser Colorizer).


I have experience with Trimble RealWork (it uses all cores at 100% at full clock speed and half of RAM when importing data, registrating clouds, modeling a suface etc.) but Trident acts differently.


Can you please elaborate how does the Trident software work, what to look for in a workstation, CPU core number or clock speed?