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Trouble with point labels

Question asked by Luboš Bejček on Nov 16, 2020
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I have trouble with labels. First issue is the representation of point names and added labels together.

I have a label style for points, it is cross symbol 35, I have a label style for point name and a label style for a elevation of points.

I add label symbols (crosses) to points throught "Label points" and I can turn on/off "Show point ID" and it works well. Than I add a label for the name and elevation and than I cant use "Show point ID". I suppose it is only label and I should have the possibility to display both separetly.


The bigger problem is the interpretation of The cross 35 labels in another cad programs after exporting points and its labels as dwg or dxf. The labels for name and elevation is enterpreted well but the cross becomes a hash.
It is fine after opening the DWG in TBC again. But customers have Autocad and so on.
In the DWG he cross symbol is a part of "symbol font" and it should be the problem.


I solve it for this moment changing "text style" to arial and set the "text" as "x" in the exported DWG becouse it is "CAD text" now in DWG..... the TBC native project doesnt allow that becouse it is as symbol point label still.

But it is not good for the future use..


Is it possible to add cross 35 point label as 2 cad lines that should provent this dissinterpretation?


I am not sure if it is understable.