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Creating a 'mask' of lines, or clipping to a symbol

Question asked by Mark Williams on Nov 18, 2020

When I was using Terramodel, I could put a 'mask' behind a symbol I was using. When I imported the symbol, two concentric circles, or a single circle, I could place it at the end of a line. When I printed, the print setting would allow the lines to be trimmed to the edge of the circle, without actually trimming the lines. This meant I could measure the line accurately with no problem. I am trying to do the same thing in TBC so that I can create the symbols I need to be placed at the end of a line without then having to trim the line. Our requirement is that the line should not be visible inside the circle when printed. The symbol will also need to be scalable when created, but I think that is an easy solution.


I have included a snapshot of a part of a plan showing the symbol and how it clips the line to the extent of the symbol.