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TerraSync Base file to Pathfinder Office, then exported as RINEX for OPUS?

Question asked by Ryan on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Ryan

Is there a way to collect base station data in TerraSync, then export a RINEX file from GPS Pathfinder Office (PFO) that can be processed with OPUS? I have attempted this in the past and found that the exported RINEX file seems to be intentionally degraded with random points inserted that are in the wrong hemisphere. When attempting the same process with a surveying GNSS system such as an R8 there is an option in either Trimble Business Center (TBC) or the stand alone Convert to RINEX program to "Suppress Kinematic Records." I would like this option for two reasons. The first would be so that I can accurately establish base stations to process against when operating in areas that are far from existing base stations that usually feed into PFO. I regularly work in locations or countried with no base station closer than 600 miles. The second reason is so that I can collect some data on weekends for fun that can be used in the NOAA NGS GPS on Bench Marks program.