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All Trimble Business Center software owners please update its Trimble Configuration Utility asap

Question asked by Alexander Holsteinson on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2016 by Mohamed Mahmoud

Trimble Configuration Utility

To eliminate the possibility of getting a leap second error in this Trimble software (and any other software that updates with Trimble Configuration Utility) please update as soon as possible this free utility.


This utility updates your office computer with the latest files for:

  • GPS antennas
  • GPS receivers
  • GPS antenna model files

After running the utility, your Trimble software will support the latest GPS hardware. The following products will be updated:

  • Trimble Geomatics Office
  • Trimble Total Control
  • SiteVision Office
  • Terramodel
  • GPS Pathfinder Office
  • Configuration Toolbox
  • GPSurvey
  • Trimble Link
  • Trimble Business Center