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Trimble 4D control - M1 - Vision Camera

Question asked by on Jan 14, 2016

Hi, let's see how good this forum works...


Two questions regarding T4D v4.5. Please share your experience.


1. Since v4.5 you the images as seenthrough the visiion camera can be consulted. A change request that we highly appreciate during set-up (aiming at prisms from an difficult or inaccessable TS-setup. If the TS is connected with the Hirose-Usb cable this works fine. When using radio communication between TS and T4D this does not work. Amount of data (images) to transfer seems to large to handle for the radio (bandwith). Do you have the same experience? Other workaround besides direct cable/MOXA set-up with 3/4G?


2. The Settop M1 is a great device but data-synchronisation (after restoring a communication failure between the M1 and T4D database) seems not to work. Until now the only feedback I get is Sltop pointing to Trimble and visa versa. What are your experiences? Solution?


Thanks for you opinions, feedback!