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Question asked by on Apr 14, 2016

I have uploaded one file DXF-neelv  in system file of TSC3 controller its working that I am able to upload , upto 200 points everything okay  but for more than 200 points there is a problem to work in autocad ,ponits value not available properly.

In lieca any number points can be imported and exported there is no problem and its giving in proper way with different colours for northing easting elevation its realy impressive for customers which is not available in our Trimble.

Even same file he imported in lieca and exported that file is also working fine.


I have supported a lot for 3 projects and sold many GPS and now trying to sale few more GPS to them for new big project but now its looks difficult based on this issue.


If realy there is any good solution to get exported more than 200 points or any number points will be helpful.

Waiting for your immediate response.



Thanks & Regards,

Shaikh Rabbani

Sales & Service Engineer