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Streaming 'NMEA local coordinates' directly from a GNSS receiver (R8s). Who has a solution?

Question asked by on Jun 24, 2016
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Hello dear colleagues,


Who can help?

One of our clients has several third party tablets (Windows 7) with an own field software. Their requirement is to receive NMEA positions with local coordinates (with a grid and geoid correction!) from any R-serie receiver. The points are measured in RTK.

Communication output has to be over bluetooth.


We already investigated the solutions below (but this is not what we're looking for):

  1. Trimble TSM: not supported anymore and a very complex (setting up virtual ports) and 'error sensitive' (Trimble NMEA JPK)
  2. Trimble Access:  to complicated, extra license cost, no NMEA output over bluetooth


Is Trimble Precision SDK a solution? Anybody developed already this solution based on Trimble SDK? Any other suggestions?


Looking forward to read your comments or find out that this functionality is available or will be developed.

Jonathan DavisTim Lemmon

best regards,