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Access/TBC enhancement - Naming convention for Base files

Question asked by Joel Cusick on Jul 5, 2016


I often support "ologists" using Trimble RTK gear.  My number one request from the users I support is "Why can't the base file name be something more sensible".  I use to grumble its the serial number (first four digits) and then the GPS Day, and thought I was really cool by saying that, but over time I'm like.  "Hey, why can't a base file be named more sensibly than what Access forces upon it".  Its quite difficult to find what base file one needs on a shared controller. Especially when the directory browser during import files is not much help since create data is not an option (only modified).


Consider allowing the user during the base setup a naming opportunity or autoname using the name of the Job + a sequence number, or simply a more sensible name.  Take the Mapping Grade workflow for exampl.  TerraSync senses the local date and time on the device at file opening. Then it offers a file name prefix plus the Year, Month Day and a letter for each file named in that hour.  A user has control over the prefix, so in an ACCESS workflow, the base file name would auto-sense the Job name (as the prefix) then append a more logical naming convention.  Instead of  "05501220.T02" it would be DENAWaterUtilities055020160506a.T02. If that is too many characters, then "Base055020160506a.T02"


This would make the whole OPUS submission and retreival easier to bind with a workflow.  Sometimes i have to manage 5 jobs, each with their own OPUS solution. Right now, its a nightmare.