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How to edit the GNSS Approx.EO in UASMaster

Question asked by on Jul 18, 2016
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Hi All,


How do you edit the GNSS standard deviations of the approximate exterior orientations?

For some reason the UX5-HP doesn't always post process the GNSS camera positions (shown by the "0" in the fixed quality column).


So for a work around i want to edit their GNSS standard deviations to their reflect poor fix quality.

In the attachment "EDIT1" i want to change the StdDev X,Y and Z to 5 metres.

The edit function is then used to change the GNSS StDev to 5 metres (EDIT2) ,but when i click apply the only values that change are the StdDev for the omega kappa and phi change to 59.29463???


Any and all help is much appreciated.


Cameron Kohler