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Has anyone been able to connect with Trimble Access to a CORS via NTRIP with RTCM 3.2 protocol?

Question asked by Alexander Holsteinson on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Alexander Holsteinson

We have access to 4 Trimble NetR9 reference stations owned by third parties but they are contractually binded to only provide NTRIP Caster RTK corrections in RTCM 3.2 protocol and so far we are not able to connect our R10 GNSS rovers with TSC3 with ACCESS 2016.02 to them.

We can connect with RTCM 3.x generic but not the latest version RTCM 3.2 ammedment 2 (  )   there is no HELP on this issue for the NetR9 nor there is in ACCESS 2016.02