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Importing .jxl (xml) files into TBC

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2017 by David Mlekwa

I'm a developer for a surveying company. I've been working on an app for our drafters that will convert a .jxl file in a certain format into a .jxl of a different format, so that the point attributes are more readable on the screen.


I've been working on this for days, continually getting errors in TBC indicating that the file is invalid, or that it's an "unknown antenna," or "a suitable importer could not be found."


After a lot of tedious work, I've finally discovered what the issues are, and I want to share them here.


An "invalid file" error was thrown because in one field -- and one field only -- in 800 lines, there was an ampersand - "&". In XML, that's a reserved character.


The "unknown antenna" error was thrown because in a Date or Time attribute block, the <Type> entities had "date" or "time" in lower case. Why that causes an antenna error is beyond me. But apparently TBC expects proper casing, i.e., "Date" and "Time." That probably goes for ALL <Type> entities.


Likewise, a "suitable importer" error was caused by the <JOBFile> tag not being in its proper case.


I've had to adjust my code to catch and correct these problems, and everything's good.


It would be nice if Trimble would be more specific with their error codes, or would at least not be case-sensitive when importing XML-based files.