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TBC launching points spreadsheet error

Question asked by Brian Ritz on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Terry Klock

Open a project and plan view opens at quarter size; I try to exit and receive error, have to force close TBC (windows task manager). Upon opening a second time; I cannot launch points spreadsheet and receive this error:

On previous instances I've been able to isolate a job file that once deleted and re-imported resolves the issue.  This time that is not working, only when the project has been whittled down to only a handful of jobs does the launch points spreadsheet work.

It appears all other functionality remains unaffected but I utilize points spreadsheet a lot.

To date, I have saved project in different location, uninstalled and re-installed TBC, copied and pasted project to different location, ran "check for updates", and attempted to open project from different computer...all have not resolved issue.

I've received this error only one other time in different project, but the subject project that continues to give me grief is managing job files utilizing Trimble's Pipelines module.