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Display order of pipe and export csv format

Question asked by Joseph Sekida on Nov 2, 2016

Is there a way pipe data collected in the field can be reported and exported in a csv file in the exact order it is entered in the controller, without having to record a location or use the measure feature? Is there a way to insert new entries  between existing pipe already recorded in the pipe tally, before it is welded?


For example, pipe stockpiles are recorded where they will be placed in the line in our pipe data, not where they are found in the field. The same applies for crossing bore pipe. How does the software allow us to record where bore pipe is located in the line between mainline sections when it has to be calculated and the two loose ends can't be measured until installed? We have to have the ability to move sections of pipe around and record the order before they are measured or calculated. We currently can't do that within the existing framework of the software, as far as I can tell, until the pipe is weld mapped and/or installed. We can't order the pipe based solely on a unique id number, because pipe is constantly added or removed before welding and our unique ID's will no longer be sequential. Using an existing tally only adds our unique ID to the tally file, it does not put it in order.


We strive to have our preliminary pipe data in order before weld mapping takes place, it just makes our job easier. We update preliminary pipe with bends added, again before weld mapping. Waiting to get the final pipe order until the pipe is weld mapped, or measured (lowered in) is too late for some of our processes. Essentially, if the software could allow us to export a pipe data report in the exact order it was collected in the field (in file order format, not sequence) before welding, that would be extremely beneficial.


Exporting a csv file of pipe data in file format is imperative for us. We do not use sequential order for anything we do. We've learned from the past to avoid using sequence order, it makes editing of data extremely cumbersome.


I'm trying to adapt our methodology within the framework of the software, but as it stands now I see us having to rely on using an excel spreadsheet to order our pipe, before the software can allow us to do so. Am I off base here?