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Is DXF size limited when exporting?

Question asked by on Nov 21, 2016



I am using robotic station Trimble S6,R6 with TSC3 controller. I have been working on a larger project, exported data after three day as a backup, a few thousand points and dxf. So far so good.


After day 5, i tried to export the entire job data to .csv and .dxf. It manages to export .csv. But it does not export .dxf file.

I go to Project. Export Festes Datei. I choose .dxf. It completes Exporting phase. But stops on Verarbeiten Daten(2nd) on 90/95%. (I am in Germany, so german UI is a must). When i do hard reset, i can copy and paste .dxf to a folder on PC, but cannot open with  2 different AutoCad. Dxf file size is 394kb, .csv size 142kb.

Is there a limit to .dxf size when exporting?

As a solution i thought of creating a job copy, deleting the first half of points(and lines), therefore making .dxf smaller and enabling the export and later importing 2 dxf into Autocad?