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Joint mapping improvements VS Joint mapping Report in Trimble Access

Question asked by Marvin Mudahy on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Marvin Mudahy

With the advent of "Weld and Bend Fields" -(using of additional attributes in joint mapping) we are able to compile a very detailed data base during the Joint Mapping Phase. 


However if we go to the tally report that has a "JOINT MAPPING REPORT" we are still not able to get the additional information entered in that report in the most current version of Pipeline. Will this be modified in the future to include the attribute information?


Also in the "Define Bend/Weld field" we are allowed to create a feature on the fly using "field name" or type in a feature/attribute name we know from the library.  However if we create a attribute on the fly where is that information retrieved, in T.A. or T.B.C.? Or is this not an intended function?