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TBC - UTC Leap Second Support

Discussion created by Riley Smith on Jan 4, 2017

Hello All,


Trimble Business Center version 3.80 fully supports the introduction of one leap second to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on 31 December 2016 when processing all types of GNSS data.


If you are using an earlier version of Trimble Business Center and have not already done so, you can perform a simple update using the Check for Updates feature (select Trimble GPS Configuration Files Utility) to update your pre-3.80 version to fully support the introduction of the leap second when processing Trimble-proprietary (for example, T02) GNSS data and standard RINEX GNSS data.


However, if you want to process ATOM G-files GNSS data, you must update to Trimble Business Center version 3.80.





Riley Smith