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Recording polygons in Trimble Access

Question asked by on Jan 19, 2017
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Hello all,


Part of our workflow in the field involves recording polygons - typically the area of a trench or similar. With the old Leica system, recording a polygon worked as follows:

  • Switch to 'auto points' mode, which automatically assigns an ID number to any points shot (ID number follows in sequence from last auto-ID)
  • The software prompts to enter an area code/ID number (e.g. 'Trench 1')
  • Vertices are recorded as necessary
  • On the controller, a button is pressed after the last vertex is recorded to 'close' the polygon
  • The process is repeated for the next polygon, whether immediately or after recording some other points/lines. The last used auto-ID is remembered, so when the next polygon is recorded the auto-ID changes automatically.


My question surrounds this last bullet point. Is it possible, when recording a polygon using Trimble Access (in the 'Measure Topo' section), to have an ID number for each vertex automatically assigned?


At the moment, when going to record a new polygon I have to manually enter an ID number for the first vertex, which then increases sequentially until the last vertex is recorded. However, I then have to remember or look up the last used ID number so I can enter the next number in the sequence when recording another new polygon. This would be fine if all polygons were recorded one after the other, but more often than not there is lots of other recording of points happening between recording polygons, and the recording happens in high volume, so the workflow needs to be as streamlined as possible.


I hope that made sense. I should point out that I am a relatively new Trimble user, so may be missing a trick or two!


Thank you in advance for the help,