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Trimble Access Roads Additional String Chainage

Question asked by on Jan 25, 2017

I'm using the S8 on a road job with another surveyor using Leica. I noticed he can stake out a road and an additional line such as edge of bitumen at the same time. In other words he can stake out 10m intervals on the main design centreline at an offset to a line in the dxf. With the trimble I have to determine the chainage on the line string in relation to the main design centreline then workout where i need to be chainage and offset wise. Its very slow way of doing things. What is the easiest way to do this in a trimble. I'd prefer not to have to make templates in tbc because the road cross sections are complicated. Can't i just refer to a dxf and rxl file at the same time and select the line i would like to offset. I can use genio's, landxmls or rxls whatever is easiest without having to do further design of the projects files to make it trimble compatible? Thanks for your help much appreciated if anyone knows the answer to this?