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RTCM 1021-1023

Discussion created by Dzevad Krdzalic on Feb 2, 2017


For a last two weeks my colleague and me are trying to use RTCM 1021 and 1023 massages. I have R8s receiver with latest firmware 5.20 and TSC with latest Trimble Access software. In General survey user manual write this

and this

Our network provider use Leica network software (Spider web latest version). They broadcasting RTCM transformation massages 1021 (Helmert's datum transformation) and 1023 (latitude and longitude residuals). When I set in controller broadcast format then I don't have listed mount points which broadcasting transformation massages. Of course in project settings I use option Broadcast RTCM. When I select VRS (RTCM) as broadcast format then I get all mount points, and I get fix solution but when I store point I can't see grid coordinates

I try then create custom coordinate system:

1. First with 7p datum transformation and with our Gauss-Krueger projection

2. Then only with Gauss-Krueger projection

but nothing.

This is listing of supported formats from our network provider:

My question is which broadcast format should I use in controller and which correction our provider must use for RTCM 1021 and 1023?


Sorry for this long explanation

Hope that someone from Trimble will help me. I know that this can work, because It works in Germany (Sapos).