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problem downloading 2016pro sketchup

Question asked by on Feb 9, 2017

Hi, Have a non profit license  for sketchup pro 2016 which was supposed to last until mid march 2017 ( see screenshot of letter below). It works for my laptop ( Macbook pro 13" (OS 10.11.6 )but it never has worked on  my desktop machine (Mac  21" Ibook running OS 10.9.5). When I try to open 2016 on my desktop,  a pop up message says  that there are more than two users. To my knowledge and intent I have loaded skp on only my laptop, and my desktop  

 Any advice on upgrading the desktop to 2016 so I can exchange files smoothly is most appreciated. As I have not been able to utilize 2016 on the desktop is there nay chance you might consider extending the license. Our non profit work in extension of village renewable energy continues unabated. 


Kind regards,


Richard Stanley

dir. Legacy foundation,

541 488 1559

4886 Hwy 66 Ashland Oregon.